The Global Goals for Sustainable Development were announced in late 2015 by the United Nations. These are the most ambitious set of goals ever created by the international community. It has 17 goals and over 150 targets, which aim at solving the world’s biggests challenges by 2030.    We don’t think that’s ambitious enough.   Things have changed.  We have the internet, social media, and radical new collaborative innovation methodologies that could allow us to to go much faster.

The G3iD aims to radically accelerate the achievement of the SDGs


We believe Geneva has an ecosystem of unique resources to contribute to the acceleration of the achievement of the Global Goals. Our vision is to harness this extraordinary potential by creating an inclusive community of innovators, co-creators and partners and start working together in new ways. To kick-start this process we invite them all to the Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day.

24 March 2017

The 2017 edition of G3iD will be a one-day event taking place in Geneva, where key actors in the city will come together to promote innovation for the radical acceleration of the Global Goals. The event will be accompanied by a number of run-up activities to promote co-creation and collaboration.

The day acts as a catalyst, showcasing and co-creating disruptive innovations that can be shared and scaled to change the world, fast.