Pop-up MUSE 10th November

The G3iD association is inviting all social innovators to come celebrate ‘World Science Day for Peace & Development’, with a creative brainstorm on the SDGs. Channel your inner powers of storytelling and understanding with the latest UN tools, then enter the world of augmented reality and 3D printing to find solutions for a better future.

Date & Time:
Thursday 10 November 2016, 13:45-19:00
Please register HERE.

UN Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland (Room XVII)


  • Perception Change Project, United Nations Office at Geneva (PCPUNOG)
  • United Nations University, Maastricht (UNU-MERIT)
  • Geneva Global Goals Innovation Day (G3iD)


13:45-14:00         Entrance and icebreaker: Visualize your dream and draw it 

Everyone gets a blank sheet of paper to draw. On one side, sketch your dream of the world of the future; on the other side, draw or write out what challenges need to be overcome to turn that dream into reality. Looking for inspiration? Picture the world in 2030. How does it look – more utopia or dystopia? Have we achieved the SDGs? Our ‘Muse Reveries’ will be collected at the end of the session and turned into a small publication.

14:00 – 14:15        Welcome by PCP, UNU-MERIT and G3iD

  • Welcome – Agenda and rules of the game
  • We have 4 #Mindealist streams:
    • Stream 1: Storytelling: How can we involve kids and adults in conversations on important issues like health or pollution – not from an ‘expert knowledge-sharing’ angle, but from the point of view of how these issues actually touch their lives?
      – Join the PCP in developing a ‘transmedia’ fairy tale book based on conversations about the SDGs, with characters discussing topics with experts, celebrities and readers worldwide.
    • Stream 2: Understanding: How clear a picture do we need of what we know – and also what we don’t know – to achieve the SDGs?
      – Learn to search, filter and understand all the wealth of information on the SDGs. Dodge buzzwords and jargon, while navigating the maze of UN terms and data with the UNU Jargon BusterGVADATA and G3iD.
    • Stream 3: Envisioning: How can we expand our outlook, see the bigger picture, and shape a clear vision for the future?
      – Join a brainstorm on visualizing decision-making and using the world of gaming to redefine our vision. Make the most of counter-intuitive elements and broaden your horizons.
    • Stream 4: Materializing: What will it take to achieve the SDGs? How are we going to hit the targets? From poverty to health to education, how are we going to finance solutions?
      – Our new monitoring tool weighs up exactly how much each country has to do by 2030 – and how much this will cost. But right now we want concrete solutions, so let’s experiment with 3D printing, lay out business plans and maybe even shape our very own ‘Pop Up Muse’!

14:15 – 14:30      Mapping out the challenges and groups

14:30 – 15:30      Co-creation session 1: Using Google Innovation Sprint Methodology

15:30 – 15:50      Coffee break

15:50 – 16:50      Co-creation session 2: Using Google Innovation Sprint Methodology

16:50 – 17:00      Artistic break 

SDG trick on big data (G3ID), VJ Presentation / Magician performance

17:00 – 17:30      Presentations and documentation: Plenary session

How are we going to foster and incubate the best ideas that have come out?

17:30 – 18:00      Commitments and certificates: Parallel sessions

In one area: groups that feel confident to ‘pitch their plan’ will be able to do so in front of a select committee of experts and coaches. In another area: Participants can write their commitments on large sticky notes and add to the commitment wall. ‘Mindealists’ receive their certificate once they share a commitment (big or small, personal or collective).

18:00 – 19.00       Reception with open mic and karaoke

‘It takes two to tango, but the world to rumba!’


Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required due to limited space.


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