Co-Creation Factory Workshops

Co-Creation track - all taking place in the 1st floor

  • Hurbanitarian


    Innobridge, & Smala Ecovillages bring to us two crazy pitches on smart city governance and a co-living contract. Related SDG: 8, 11, and 16.

  • A Plastic-Less Life

    - and Zero Waste Switzerland bring a workshop on the need to create a plastic-less life.

  • Small Gets Bigger


    Communities on small Pacific islands are struggling to expanding their trade capabilities. This workshop will explore in a playful way what happens when communities take ownership of issues and solutions - and how external support is complementary to that. Powered by The Australian Permanent Mission to the WTO, The Pacific Islands Trade & Invest and The Constellation.

  • Suscailability


    Bioregional & The Earth Focus Foundation will take to a co-creating exercise for scale. How to change building construction from linear to circular?

Creating Scale track - all taking place on the 5th floor

  • Refugees 4.0/ The Future is Cubic


    ChangemakersLab by Visions 2 Ventures & Libraries Without Borders invite you to accelerate the SDG17 to turn the refugee crisis into an opportunity and explore the IdeasCube to promote ICT4D!

  • Water Watchdog


    The CHIC Project by EPFL & ICRC bring a workshop on a low-cost water watchdog to optimize water monitoring in the field.

  • Make Geneva Make by the Homeless Makers Collective


    Knock on Wood, Makeshop Geneve, Post Tenebras Lab & Pangloss Labs want you to discover a crowd of enthusiastic makers of all sorts taking adults, children, the handy and non-handy back to the old-forgotten habit of making.

  • Bottom Up, Box Out!


    IdeasBox takes you to a journey of user center design to measure sustainable impact of access to information.

Sharing Knowledge track - all taking place on the 3rd floor

  • Account + Ability


    Nicoletta Lacobacci pitches a Brave New Ethics and Jens Bammel proposes to Unf**k Global Governance. Science fiction is becoming science-fact, while facts are becoming alternative facts, can our ethics and actions lag behind?

  • Crafting the Narrative


    GovFaces & UN PCP & UNOG are writing stories and creating learning materials to teach children about the SDGs. They suggest to craft links between the classroom & home.

  • Just Move It, Move It


    Bioinspired Platform at EPFL, UNAIDS & Biomimicry Switzerland are inviting you to re-imagine Supply Chain Management taking inspiration from nature

  • M.A.D. MUN


    Art Link & Grain of Salt & Compassionate Self Saboteurs

Resource Mobilisation track - all taking place on the Ground floor

  • Us in the City


    BCorp & UXcities invite us to consider our role in society through the private sector optic, and how can we make cities awesome for everyone.

  • Connecting Resources


    Groundup Project & Share a dream propose a workshop to as how can we unite for impact creating partnerships, and mobilizing resources across sectors.

  • Imagine the Worst - and Make It Survive


    NeedsLists & Embrace invite you to participate in a chaos exercise to save a tool with clues from the future.

  • Game of Givers


    Euforia, Aguialabs and CauseDirect will challenge you to imagine the creation of a mass of changemakers in our societies. Would you dare to pass to the next level?

Embracing Failure track - all taking place on the 8th floor

  • Make Failure FUN


    How the established order can impede innovation - the story of SaferTaxi and its battles with the mafia by Shirly Kalush (Safertaxi) & Réginald Bien-Aimé (FuckUp Nights Switzerland)

  • Permaculture Expansion Crash Test


    Taking permaculture through the Business Model Crash Test, by Creative Permalab & Pangloss Labs

  • Fail with Class


    How about changing perspective and see failures as ways to transmute dualistic into holistic, mechanistic into natural, self destructive into regenerative, ego into.. eco ? Free yourself and get the most of it ! Prototyping with Natacha Sapey-Divine (BrightSide Vision) & Daniel Whittle (Colibris Genève)

  • Frictionless Exponential Experimentation


    Paul Bristow (Pangloss Labs, Clear Thinking), Nicola Lazzari & Raphaël Dard (ITC) will guide you in an intense hands-on workshop exploring how we get solutions to scale from a single project to achieve global impact. We will see what we can put in place to remove friction, encourage experimentation, and scale up!