G3iD Solutions Hub

online collaboration platform for SDGs

What happens to the solutions, ideas and collaborations after the G3iD day?

Do we just generate a bunch of Post-it Notes and all go home?

No, the G3iD Solutions Hub is our way to make sure that the work done for G3iD lives on afterwards, and encourages others to jump on board. Even we’re not crazy enough to think we can cocreate, accelerate and scale to achieve the SDGs in only one day. The G3iD Solutions Hub provides an internet platform for scaling solutions globally and encouraging even more collaboration after the G3iD.   And who knows, maybe it acts as a starting point for a next G3iD in 2018?

What can you do on the G3iD Solutions Hub?

  • Browse existing solutions, selecting by Sustainable Development Goal
  • Comment on them, find their creators, and co-create with them
  • Add your own solutions, and your organisation(s)
  • Use the building blocks of existing solutions to come up with new ones, without reinventing the wheel

You will have to log in, using either your email address or social media account so that people can co-create with you.  But everyone is welcome.