Hack the Better Shelter World Cafe

27 June 2016

"Hack the Better Shelter" was the first of several run-up activities planned inside the framework of G3iD. With this activity proposed by the Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL) in partnership with THEPort at CERN, the aim was to test the world café methodology as an approach to result-oriented propositions to solve real challenges. In this case, the challenge was to upscale the Better Shelter solution, designed by Better Shelter social enterprise with Ikea Foundation and UNHCR (a founding member of the GHL).


Refine GHL’s idea proposition for the Hack Better Shelter project while testing the world café methodology

Target Audience

G3iD association and interested participants


World Café format to discuss how to address the issue of upgrading the design of the better shelter


The methodology wasn’t optimal for the purpose needed, all participants wanted to discuss all subjects!