Prototyping A (Re)Solution Driven Model United Nations

March 7 and 15


The Model United Nations (MUN) represents the renewed and powerful narrative on norms, and is a living example of a strong normative agenda that leaves no one behind.

Yet, the UN’s ability to implement agreed upon norms needs strengthening.

Imagine a MUN Lab where thousands of young adults around the world put their brainpower, experiences and creativity into action creation. Through collective intelligence they co-create innovations that are used by the UN, NGOs and local communities to accelerate the SDGs. Imagine all solutions are open source. Think of the size of the MUN at present: 400,000 schools participates worldwide. Imagine the potential to make things move faster if only 10% of the future conferences adopt this innovative resolution driven model.


 To design and prototype a different model for the Model United Nations conferences. This new model empowers participants to become co-creators and makers of their own destiny, and enables them to deliver pragmatic solutions instead of resolutions.


Target Audience

 MUN participants, Youth, UN officials, Enthusiasts 



 Two workshops will challenge participants to co-create a (re)solution driven MUN prototype by using collective intelligence tools.


 A solid prototype to be presented to MUN and UN influencers to seek support in organizing the first MaD MUN (Make a Difference MUN) conference.