The G3ID was a great opportunity to hear "out-of-the-box" concepts and seek solutions for real life problems. I am happy to walk away with ideas which can be explored further.

Michael Hahn

It was a pleasure to volunteer. I enjoyed the day, the energy and cheerfulness of the co-creators and my fellow volunteers. The vibe was great and I loved finding out all the wonderful ideas people are (literally) cooking up. I would be happy to hear more about the future plans of G3ID.


The G3iD and solutions fair were quite well-organised, especially considering the huge number of people who attended. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and openness, which I personally think is necessary to move forward in innovating within this space. Everyone was excited to work together and learn from one another to make the world a better place, and we definitely need more events like this to bring the key players together and understand the overarching trends.

Lalitha Kakulapati

Project Leader - ElecTre
Thank you for organising it! It was a good experience and I hope it can be repeated. Please let me know if you need help to organize the next! 🙂 I would be thrilled to help!


G3iD allowed me to connect with a lot of innovators from all over the world, present my project and get feedback, contacts and ideas to help develop it faster.  I've also met a partner for Democracia, who shares the same vision for a better world that I have, and with Techfugees, we found that we could help each other.
So all in all, a very interesting and valuable event, both on a personal and a professionnal level !

Yannick Laignel