The SDG Solutions Fair

24 March 2017 - At the Tour CFF Pont-Rouge

Route des Jeunes 6, 1227 Carouge

A place for showcasing and exploring innovative and scalable solutions to SDG-related challenges

24 March 2017

10.00 - 19.00

The Solutions Fair is a 500 sqm exhibition space where over 60 organisations showcase an idea, a project or a product that addresses the Sustainable Development Goals. You will find 40 interactive stalls presenting innovative solutions - sustainable local currencies, intelligent plug-and-play electric grids for refugee camps, eco-villages, robotics programming for children, an interactive game on fair labour over 55 sqm, a walk-in bus for education on sustainable development and many more. Throughout the day, there will be discussion rounds, demonstrations and pop-up events. A Speakers’ Corner offers a space to pitch ideas and create new partnerships. Please see our timetable for an overview of the entire programme and further details.

Organisation Showcased on the stand SDGs Addressed Special events at the stand
AddictLab Creating SDG awareness at the Addictlab booth 4 Education SDG impact evaluation kit
Creative Chemistry Cards: Tool for collective intelligence ideation projects
Green Watchers: eco-attitude game
Antenna foundation WATA technology: A low cost solution for water treatment and disinfection 6 Water
Après GE Chambre de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire et ses membre : Prix IDDEA, Demain Genève Film, Alternatiba, Monnaie Léman, Softweb, Centre Sociale Protestant, Réalise 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
BIEN-Switzerland (Basic Income Earth Network) An Unconditional Basic Income for a sustainable work 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 16
Breathing Games Breathing Games, a planet where everyone can breathe freely 3 Good health and well-being
10 Reduced inequalities
4 Quality education
11 Sustainable cities and communities

CERN SDGs at CERN - what do you think we are doing? And what should we be doing? 3,4,9,16,17
Cherry Checkout SA e-commerce donation module: Make a donation to get a chance to win your purchase! 12 Responsible Consumption
Creative Permalabs “All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden” Geoff Lawton 2 Zero Hunger
15 Life on Land

Cuisine Lab Cooking up Diversity 10 Reduced inequalities
11 Sustainable Cities

Earth Focus Foundation Sustainabus: A bus to go around Geneva for learning, sharing and action 4 Education
EEVA Energy Efficient Versatile Assembly 9 Industry
12 Responsible Consumption

Euforia Unleash your potential! Youth-driven social enterprise for Leadership trainings 9 Industry
17 Partnerships

Flowminder Big data and Machine Learning for Development and Humanitarian Response Multiple
Future Camp Radically sustainable lifestyles - a solution we all can be part of 12 Responsible Consumption
13 Climate Action
11:00: Get rid of your carbon cloud - Calculate your footprint and find out how to reduce it immediately (20 min)
14:00: Waste Game - find out what it takes to go zero waste (20 min)
15:00: Eco-Food Champion - Who cooks the "lowest-carbon" meal? (20 min)
G4 & Optimising a regenerative future for greater Geneva and beyond 17 Partnerships
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance INFUSE: accelerating global health innovations at scale 4 Health
Generation Nomination Generation Nomination - fighting exclusion in democracy 5 Gender equality
10 Reduced inequalities

Geneva Creativity Center & Geneva Tsinghua Initiative Championing Collaborative Innovation between Academia and Industry. UNIGE, HES-SO, OPI and UIG, in cooperation with Tsinghua University 4 Education
9 Industry

Global Geneva LivingNethos - Collaborative platform for network mapping 17 Partnerships ‘Outbox’ – collecting and analysing the sum of problems and solutions in International Geneva (continuous)
Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL) Humanitarian innovation + ElecTree: intelligent electricity 7 Energy
10 Reduced inequalities

Horyou Spotlight Global Social Currency supporting the SDGs 17 Partnerships Positivity Sharing Happening (continuous)
Huridocs web-based, open source solution for building and sharing document collections 16 Peace
Impact Hub Your social entrepreneurship space 17 Partnerships Coworking, community brainstorming, virtual visit to the Impact Hub, coffee and cookies (continuous)
International Labour Organisation (ILO) Fair Labour Interactive Game 8 Decent work Fair Labour Interactive Game (continous)
International Trade Centre SME Trade Academy for freely available, practical and vocational online courses
Sustainability Map: your roadmap to sustainable trade!
La Smala Ecovillages From creative hives to social ecology: Intergenerational Living 11 Sustainable Cities
Léman Innovation Numérique (LIN) A multidisciplinary community to bring together innovation actors across the region 17 Partnerships
Millennium Institute SDG implementation support All
Neonomia Cooperative - creative approaches to employment and service 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11
Pangloss Labs Decentralised 4th industrial revolution 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 3D scanning, 3D modeling with interactive 3D projector
Robotics programming for children and adults
Online real-time problem-solving website.
Praneo A new spirit for people and organisations for a sustainable economy 3 Health
8 Decent work
9 Industry Innovation
From SDG-washing to decision making (10h45; 11h45; 14h45; 16h45)
Project Development Programme (Energy), German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy/ GIZ Business partnerships for Renewable Energy 7 Energy
13 Climate

Project Integration Professionally Integrating Refugees through Coding 4, 5, 8 & 9
Schools Geneva Student-made education for the SDGs 4 Education
Stalwart We are all changemakers: artistic agile & teal tool to co-create 3, 8, 9 &17 Transform the artistic co-creation into real projects linked to SDGs (continuous)
SustaiNGo Stimulating sustainable behaviour through brand information and consumer ratings 12 Sustainable Consumption Stimulating sustainable behaviour (14:00)
The Constellation OUR Sustainable Geneva​: Co-create your vision for a sustainable Geneva 11 Cities
17 Partnerships

The Port 60 hours to ignite innovation 9 Industry Innovation
UNITAR Renewable Energy in Refugee Camps 7 Energy
13 Climate
Climate Change Classroom: Climate finance and the role of the private sector (12:30; 17:30)
UNOG & IISD SDG Lab: Multi-stakeholder platform to accelerate the SDGs 17 Partnerships
UNOG Perception Change Project (PCP) One-stop online solutions for the SDGs All + 17 Partnerships
Ville de Genève G'innove: Le programme d'encouragement à l'innovation sociétale de la Ville de Genève 11 Sustainable Cities
WBCSD Business Solutions for the Global Goals 9 Industry Innovation
17 Partnerships

See below for some of our confirmed Solutions Fair Collaborators