Discussion Round: SDGs as a business booster in the private sector (en)

Why would private enterprises embrace SDGs beyond SDG-washing, non-actionable reporting or sheer obligation? We believe that they can find strong incentives within approaches focusing on economic viability, benefiting people, planet AND profit. In this discussion and co-creative session, participants will explore together ways and means to enable profitable business based on SDGs.

Facilitated by Thierry Dagaeff, member of the Praneo foundation, Innovation expert, entrepreneur and coach. He is a member of the Praneo foundation that provides consulting services to improve business sustainability, innovation and individual engagement within a thriving economy

What are the Solutions Fair Discussion rounds?
Discussion rounds provide a platform for social innovators to engage and exchange thoughts and ideas around a certain topic. Discussion rounds will take place in the Discussion Round Lounge, 1st floor. Please note that we limit the overall number of participants to 15-20.

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